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Home ministry issues 18 point advisory for Amarnath pilgrims

The consultative, which conveys 14 do's' and four don''ts, prompted the pioneers to accomplish physical wellness before beginning Amarnath Yatra with a preliminary morning and night stroll of around 4-5 kilometer consistently from a month preceding the journey. 

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The home Ministry issued a 18 point well being consultative for the Amarnath Yatra explorers, which additionally proposes that those experiencing issues in breathing convey compact oxygen along. 

The consultative, which conveys 14 do's and four don'ts, prompted the travelers to accomplish physical wellness before beginning Amarnath Yatra with a preliminary morning and night stroll of around 4-5 kilometer consistently from a month preceding the journey.

The consultative cautions that the Amarnath Yatra includes trekking at heights as high as 14,000 feet which might lead of the pioneers growing high elevation with manifestations such as loss of longing, queasiness, spewing, weariness, sluggishness, mid-section snugness, quick breathing and expanded heart rate.

"In the event that high height affliction is not treated auspicious, it might be deadly in a matter of hours," it said.

The consultative recommended the pioneers to begin profound breathing activities, yoga, drinking heaps of water to battle lack of hydration and cerebral pains, checking with a doctor preceding going to higher heights, taking after the endorsed sustenance menu accessible at Amarnath altar board's site (shriamarnathjishrine.com), and when to have nourishment amid voyaging.

"In the event of any indications of high height affliction or whatever other distress, promptly contact the closest medicinal office situated at each two kilometers," said the consultative, focusing on that the manifestations of high elevation ailment not be overlooked.

It likewise recommended to surrender drinking liquor or smoking.

amarnath yatra package

The 48-day blessed Amarnath Yatra 2016 will begin at the same time on the Baltal and Chandanwari courses through 432 assigned bank offices on July 2 and will finish up on August 18.

The Press Information Bureau of the Government of India has shared the rules issued by the Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board for the Yatris. 

Examine the Dos and Don'ts here: 

Accomplish's for the Yatris 

1. Do convey adequate woolen dress as the temperature might now and then suddenly tumble to beneath 5 degree Celsius. 

2. Do convey umbrella, wind con artist, overcoat, and waterproof shoes as the climate in the Yatra range is erratic. 

3. Do keep your garments and eatables in a suitable water verification pack to maintain a strategic distance from your effects getting wet. 

4. Do keep in your pocket a note containing the name/address, cell phone number of any Yatri continuing for Darshan on the same date as you are doing, for crisis purposes. 

5. Do convey your personality card/driving permit and Yatra license with you. 

6. Do go in a gathering, with doormen/stallions/horses conveying your baggage. 

7. Do guarantee that every one of those including the gathering stay in your sight, keeping in mind that you are isolated from your gathering. 

8. On your trip home, you should leave the Base Camps alongside every other individual from your gathering. 

9. Do look for prompt help of the Police on the off chance that any individual from your gathering is absent. Likewise have a declaration made on the Public Address System at the Yatra Camp. 

10. Do help your kindred Yatris going with you and perform Yatra with a devout personality. 

11. Do entirely take after the directions issued by the Yatra Administration, every once in a while. 

12. For any help, contact SASB Camp Directors/closest Yatra Control room. 

13. If there should be an occurrence of any mischance or emanant circumstance, instantly contact the closest Camp Director/Mountain Rescue Teams (MRTs) sent at different areas. 

14. The entryways of Access Control at Domel and Chandanwari open at 05.00 am and close at 11.00 am. Achieve the entryways on time. No Yatri might be permitted to embrace journey after the conclusion of the Gate. 

15. Free nourishment office is accessible in the whole Yatra zone at the Langars. 

16. Do take after the recommended Food Menu accessible on the Board's site: www.shriamarnathjishrine.com while having nourishment in the Yatra region. 

17. Paid ahead of time SIM Cards from different States should not work in J&K and Yatra zone. Yatris can buy pre-enacted SIM Cards at the Base Camps of Baltal and Nunwan. 

18. Earth, water, air, fire and sky are necessary parts of Lord Shiva. 

Along these lines regard the earth and do nothing at all to contaminate the Yatra zone. 

Don'ts for the Yatris 

1. For ladies Yatris: They should not wear sarees amid the Yatra. Salwar kameez, gasp shirt or a track suit is prudent. 

2. Ladies who are over 6 week pregnant should not be permitted to attempt the journey. 

3. Kids beneath 13 years in age and elderly persons over the age of 75 years might not be allowed to embrace the journey. 

4. Try not to stop at spots which are set apart by notice takes note. Walk just on the tracks. 

5. Try not to walk shoeless or be without woolen garments whenever as the temperature in the Yatra range stays low and changes suddenly. 

6. Try not to utilize shoes on the grounds that there are steep ascents and falls on the course to the Holy Cave. Just wear trekking shoes with bands. 

7. Try not to endeavor any alternate routes on the course as doing as such is risky. 

8. Try not to begin venture on an unfilled stomach. On the off chance that you do as such, you might draw in a genuine restorative issue. 

9. Try not to do anything amid the whole Yatra which could bring about contamination or exasperate nature of the region. 

10. Try not to carry with you any polythene material as its utilization is banned in J&K and is culpable under law 

11. Abstain from tossing coins, money notes, enriching chunnis, metal lotas or whatever other material towards the Shivlingam while having Darshans at the Holy Cave. 

12. Try not to stay at Holy Cave overnight in perspective of high height and unforgiving and erratic climate conditions. 

13. Try not to leave Panjtarni Camp towards Holy Cave after 3.00 PM as no darshan is permitted at Holy Cave after 6.00 PM. 

14. If you don't mind visit the site of the Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board and watch the enlightening Video narrative to get acclimated with the challenges to be confronted on the Yatra course. 

15. If there should arise an occurrence of any inquiry identified with Yatra, please reach us at 01912503399 and 01912555662 (Jammu) 01942501679, 01942591821(Srinagar) and site: www.shriamarnathjishrine.com

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